Trees are very generous, sharing their beauty, giving us clean air, cooling shade and fruit. Studies have shown trees lessen stress and anxiety.  They increase the value of our lives and property.  We need them and they deserve our attention and care.

CDA Stump Grinding is ready to work with you and help give your trees what they need. Safety, precision and outstanding customer care are our highest priorities. Our crew is ready to help you with any urgent tree issue or purely aesthetic desire. Our friendly crew is experienced and qualified to handle hazard tree removal, property management for fire prevention, pruning, brush chipping, crown thinning, view clearing, just about anything you can think of. Our 2 climbers use rope technique for trimming and beautifying trees but also use spurs for complete tree removals. Our experience and equipment ensure we are prepared for your every tree need.


An average size tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing



Tree and hazard tree removal, trimming, fruit tree pruning, view clearing

We are experienced in removing any type of tree, any size, anywhere. We love the challenge of safely and efficiently removing trees near structures, protecting your property. Have trees or limbs that are obstructing your view? Selective clearing by our team can open up that perfect view you’ve been waiting for. We also provide fruit tree pruning in the spring and trimming for any trees that need cleaned up year-round.


Masticating, lot development and lot clean up

Are you wanting to clean up, beautify or prep your property for a project? Whether it be for your own enjoyment or to increase the value of your property for selling purposes, we have the equipment it takes to accomplish whatever you need. From woodlands to backyards, we’ve got you covered.



Masticating, brush clearing and fire prevention

Masticating around your home not only creates a beautiful space, it also creates a buffer by removing dangerous fuel for fire. It is a great way to make your land more safe and usable.


We work with each client to create a plan that meets each individual's unique needs, working to complete each project in a timely manner and stay within budget. 

Grind or remove any size stump old or new

We are able grind stumps down to 8 inches below grade, taking them out of sight and out of your way. With our skid steer, we can do minor landscaping repair to the area(s) where stumps were removed, leaving the area clean, beautiful and ready for you to use.



Proudly serving Boundary and Bonner counties




Born and raised in Boundary County, Shawn takes special pride in our area’s trees. His passion for taking care of trees began in his early teens when he ran saw alongside his dad while doing fire mitigation. During high school he worked for Dirks Tree Care as a groundsman getting his first real taste of tree service. After graduating, he moved to Coeur d’Alene and went to work for Out On a Limb Tree Service as a foreman where he learned more specific climbing techniques, further expanded his experience, and knowledge of pruning and maintaining the overall health of trees.


Realizing the need for stump grinding service, Shawn started his own business, CDA Stump Grinding, on the side. While Shawn enjoyed working in Coeur d’Alene, his roots in Boundary County kept pulling him home. In 2016 he moved back, working again for Dirks Tree Care while building his stump grinding business and adding mastication to his services.


Shawn went to work solely for himself in the spring of 2019, expanding CDA Stump Grinding by offering a combination of tree services, masticating and stump grinding. He finds great satisfaction in seeing the results of his team’s work and helping landowners enjoy their trees and property to their fullest is Shawn’s ultimate goal.



Also born and raised in Boundary County, “Drew” has loved the outdoors all of his life so it was only natural for him to pursue a job in the tree service industry. He is our main climber - having 10+ years of tree service experience - and you can usually find Drew high in the limbs of a ponderosa pine! He takes great pride in a day’s job well done, whether it be improving a tree’s health or, if need be, safely removing one when it is a hazard.




With 12 years local experience we take pride in caring for the trees in our community

“Shawn did a great job. We bought property in an old tree farm, cleaning it up is a project to say the least. He did an awesome job grinding stumps for us. Very professional!.”

Pat Y.