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Trees are not only beautiful, they are also the longest living organisms on earth and are one of the earth’s greatest resources. Trees can:

  • Keep our air supply clean

  • Improve water quality & prevent erosion 

  • Create shade and reduce energy costs

  • Increase property value


They are also renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable! 

CDA Stump Grinding & Tree Services' team understands the power and value of trees; it's our goal to preserve as many trees locally as we can, working to maintain good timber stewardship for property owners, developers, commercial and municipal properties.  


From trimming to root nutrient injections, we’re able to optimize your tree’s health, keeping them looking beautiful and living longer. Whether in a heirloom orchard or contributing to your overall landscape, we work to keep your trees enjoyed for generations to come. 


We also assist with proper management of any size of timbered land, removing diseased or damaged trees, grinding stumps, leaving the trees and areas surrounding them in better condition to promote healing and future growth opportunities.

CDA Stump Grinding & Tree Services objective is to work with each client by creating a plan that meets their unique needs, working to complete each project in a timely manner and stay within budget.  Our top priority is to always do our best to improve property value with as minimal impact to your environment as possible.


Our employees' combined experience in the tree service industry and extensive training enables us to provide consistently superior customer service...that along with the right equipment ensures we get the job done thoroughly and efficiently every time. 



An average size tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing



Tree & Hazard Removal, Trimming, Fruit Tree Pruning

We are experienced in removing trees of any size and in any location. Our team is well-equipped and trained to work in whatever space necessary, even tight quarters, and we use every protective measure possible to protect your buildings, property and other trees. Whether it's residential, commercial or municipal, we have the certifications to handle any level of tree maintenance or removal necessary. 


Masticating, Property Clearing, Lot Development


Want to clear, beautify or prep for an upcoming landscaping or building project? From a new purchase to an existing homestead, we have the team and equipment to accomplish whatever you have in mind, whether it be developing a new housing site, reducing fire hazards, expanding usable acreage or views for your current home. From backwoods to backyards, we’ve got every angle covered.



Property & Brush Clearing, Masticating

Masticating around your home is the surest way to create a buffer from fires by removing dangerous fuels. It also beautifies the area and makes your land more safe and usable.


Grind or Remove Unsightly Stumps

We are able grind stumps down to 8 inches below grade, taking them out of sight and out of your way. With our skid steer, we can do minor landscaping repair to the area(s) where stumps were removed, leaving the area clean, beautiful and ready for you to use.



Proudly serving Boundary and Bonner counties



Shawn Smith bought his first piece of tree service equipment in 2015 and mostly by word of mouth, has been expanding his business since. Raised in Bonners Ferry, his education in tree care started back when he was a kid, helping his dad do fire mitigation work and continued during high school, working for a local tree service company.

After graduating, Shawn ended up in Coeur d’Alene, with a job in the same industry. It was during this time that he saw a need for stump grinding, so he decided to buy a machine and offer the service along with his full-time job.

Given an opportunity to move back home a few years later, Shawn was fortunate to quickly turn CDA Stump Grinding into a full-time business in 2019. Now, with a growing crew & line of equipment, his company has extended their services to also include property cleaning, lot development and much more.


His favorite part of his business? Leaving a job site looking much improved and like they were never there!

Shawn is married to wife Meg and has two children, Raegan & Clyde. He’s grateful for abundant work and great customers making it possible for him to raise his family and grow a thriving business here in beautiful Boundary County.


IMG_9259 2.jpg

lead climber

Also raised in Boundary County, Andrew has enjoyed being outdoors all of his life so it an easy decision for him to pursue a job in the tree service industry. Working for a local company prior to joining the CDA Stump Grinding team, Andrew has 10+ years of experience and is well-trained in handling the elevated logistics of our jobs, serving as our main climber. He also takes great pride in a job well done, whether it be taking a tree down for a homeowner or trimming multiple trees for a business...Andrew knows the ropes and makes safety of the crew and customer's property his top priority.




With 12 years local experience we take pride in caring for the trees in our community

“Shawn did a great job. We bought property in an old tree farm, cleaning it up is a project to say the least. He did an awesome job grinding stumps for us. Very professional!.”

Pat Y.

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